WL-LED Lion Remote Control LED mini Lion dance LED Light Chinese Traditional Festival Dance Lion Kung Fu Traditional Event use

Nowadays, due to the convenience of transportation, the Chinese people have been everywhere in the world.
Lion dance is an excellent folk art in China. In China, in every place where Chinese people live, during the celebration or festival, people always arrange lion dance show.
The lion dance is divided into north and south, and in the south, the lion dance performances of Guangdong and Guangxi are the most famous. Lions are made of colored cloth strips.
Each lion is usually performed by two people, one dancing the head and one dancing the tail.
Under the gong and drum music, the performer dressed as a lion and made various forms of lions.
During the performance, the lion dancers must use various techniques to express Southern Kung Fu, its very masculine.
One of the most famous lion dance performers is Huang Feihong :), and there are some lion dance show in all major film and television dramas.
Lion dance is already a popular way of celebrating in folk.
Now, our company combines traditional lion dance with modern elements, and adds LED light strips to the traditional lion dance, so that it can glowing at night and can be seen by everyone.
LED lion dance, let the traditional lion dance continue to "glow", make the celebration or festival colorful as its own unique way.
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